Being an Effective Content Marketer During the Coronavirus Shutdown

If you’re a content marketer during the coronavirus shutdown, you may be wondering, how can we possibly go on business as usual at this time? This is a question that anyone in any industry is asking.

By this time, everybody must be locked in their homes, safe and sound. The sad truth has yet to sink in – the virus has been spreading fast, and it might be spreading for quite a long time. 

Can you imagine yourself locked in your home, wondering when you can get out again? This is exactly what’s happening at the moment. 

content marketer during coronavirus shutdown

No one truly knows when this community quarantine will come to an end. Experts in medicine are doing their best to fight the virus and come up with the right treatments. There is no assurance when that solution would come, but world leaders are asking their constituents to hold on to the faith. 

And yet, the coronavirus pandemic is causing an economic fallout, which means that as a marketer or a business owner, this has its effects on you, too. We’re all affected by this pandemic in one way or another. 

What Does It Mean To Be A Marketer At This Time?

content marketer during coronavirus shutdown

Before you think about anything else, it is important also to know what you shouldn’t be doing at this time. 

Never exploit people’s fear. 

Hoarding on necessities like alcohol and other basic needs and selling them for a higher price online is not marketing at all. It isn’t entrepreneurship either. Never exploit the coronavirus and use it as an excuse to charge people with more for something that costs less. 

Not only is it wrong, but because it is short-sighted as well. You can make a few quick bucks, but you are not thinking about something that could last long term. 

What does coronavirus mean for marketers like you?

Accept this painful fact: this virus is going to make your business struggle for a while. It will take years for you to make up for your losses, so work hard. Try even harder, and never give up. 

The Advent Of An Economic Crisis

Coronavirus began as a public health crisis. People didn’t take the warnings seriously. Slowly, it has now evolved into an unprecedented economic crisis that will put everyone’s survival at risk. With everything in total lockdown, the marketer in you must figure out how to do business in the most unfamiliar circumstances. 

In response to the call of the government to stay at home, most businesses were asked to shift to the home-based set-up. Some types of businesses, those considered non-essential at this time, have been asked to close with particular restrictions. Others were able to transition to the new set-up smoothly, but others have lost and are losing their source of income. 

In order to survive, businesses had to learn to adapt. Marketers like you will have to find new ways to find consumers, offer them value, and eventually earn money. At the moment, content marketing is among those that help businesses to continually thrive. The more people learn about you, the more likely they are to place an order for your product or service.

This may be a new reality. 

Fuel Your Business as a Content Marketer During the Coronavirus Shutdown

You can get your business through in the coming months with the right content marketing strategy in place. Here are some tips to make it happen:

  • Take advantage of tools that are offered for free. 

The government is providing business owners with all the help that they could at this time. There are several content marketing tools available online that come for free, too. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms to promote quality content. Tap into the grants and ad credits that they provide to small businesses.

You may also use Google and their webinar features if you have plans to promote online training courses. The tech giant is opening the premium features of Hangouts to make you meet your needs. 

Fish for more freebies from tech giants and look into how they could be of help. You’d be surprised at how much you can save and still achieve your desired results. It’s definitely a win-win for everyone!

  • Create a content hub particularly dedicated for the coronavirus

Emails will play an important role in your communications and marketing strategy in the coming months. However, at the moment, people are particularly interested in learning more about COVID-19 and all the updates the government provides about it. 

Every brand is trying to help out by providing you information about the coronavirus in their own way. It is not only helping the community by providing them with the latest information, but it also helps create a name recall for the brand. People are more likely to remember the brand that provided them with useful information. This is a good starting point as a content marketer during the coronavirus shutdown.

Dedicate a landing page on your website on coronavirus information alone. Not only will it drive in more organic traffic, but it will put you on the page of most online users. This means that your desired customers will want to subscribe to your email marketing campaign simply because you provide them more information every time. 

  • Build a logical connection between your business and trending topics.

Apart from the content that you provide about the coronavirus, make sure to consider the trending topics and stories, and incorporate them into your content strategy. Not only will this mean providing quality content to your avid followers, but it will open bridges that will connect you to a new audience. 

Work on building strong, long-lasting relationships with these online users and see for yourself how this could transform in real-time sales. Work on building the credibility of being a source of useful information. 

Will you be able to create a logical connection between your brand and the trending topic? Then work on it. Make sure to consider the appropriateness in choosing the topic. Sometimes, being one with the trend does not always work well with the brand. 

Remember that the goal is to be able to create content that is of value. If you continue to create informative content, you will soon create for yourself a substantial amount of followers enough to keep your online presence alive despite the coronavirus. 

Continue to create and trust the process. Soon, you’re marketing strategies will bring forward good business. 

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