Running Your Business from Home During a Pandemic

At present, coronavirus cases all over the world are continually rising. Businesses, especially the small- and medium-sized ones, are negatively affected by this pandemic. Everyone is trying to find a way on how to survive the disruption to the business operations.  Major adjustments are necessary to keep things moving. And one of that is running the business from home. The question now is how do we do this effectively?

Taking Advantage of the Technology that You Have

Most of us have our phones, computers, and internet connection at home. We have all we need to perform the tasks that we usually do at the office. If there’s a way for you to still get a high-speed internet connection or upgrade your current plan, do it now. You’re going to need it to ensure that you can be as efficient at home as you were at the office. 

It may take some time to make adjustments to running your business from home. But the current situation we have now with the coronavirus pandemic, we don’t really have a choice. That’s why we have to do what we can with what we have and be effective home-based workers. And that brings us to our next point.

Setting Up a Workspace

It’s crucial to make your working environment at home as similar to the one that you have at the office. It will help you to be psychologically prepared to deal with the work that you need to do. If you have a spare room or even just a corner where you can set up your computer, use it. When you get to that space, you’ll know that you have to get started with work. 

Our homes are full of distractions. That’s why we need to have that space that can eliminate as many distractions as possible. Using a spare room is the most ideal because you’ll have a door that you can close during your working hours. If you only have a corner or the dining room table, then it’s important to communicate with your family that from 9 am to 5 pm, for example, you need to be able to focus on your tasks.

Continue Your Workday Routine

 When you’re running your business from home, one of the ways that you can lessen the disruption to your operations is to continue whatever routine you have established during your workdays. It means waking up at a set time, taking a shower, and even wearing your work clothes if that helps you get into that headspace for work. 

As for your team, if you bookend your weeks with meetings, you can still continue to do so. The only difference now is that you’ll be doing it online through conference calls. Chances are you’ve already set online reporting, scheduling, and other tasks while you were still working at the office. Making tweaks to the way things are done may be necessary so that everything will run smoothly even when everyone’s working from home. 

Managing Your Team and Business from Home

business from home

It can greatly help you to manage your workforce if they know what’s expected of them even when they’re not being supervised. So, there are some things that you need to think about such as the working hours for everyone. Is it going to be a fixed schedule or will you be flexible? How will this affect the operations of your business? 

Also, think about how you can check the progress of your employees’ tasks. You may set up project management tools so that you can stay updated on how things are going while you’re running your business from home. Another thing to consider would be instant messaging applications for fast communication with the team members. 

Final Thoughts

We have the technology that we need to continue working while we’re at home. It’s important that we keep ourselves safe and healthy especially during this time. While it may be challenging to run your business from home at first, we’re hard-wired to adjust and we’ll be able to effectively do our tasks wherever we may be – home office, dining table, or couch. 

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